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About Publications, GSU

GSU Publications produces a range of print and online publications containing official UTS information about approved courses and subjects, the Act, By-law, Rules and Policies. Publications produced include the UTS:Handbook, UTS:Calendar and the University's Annual Report. For information about the works produced by GSU Publications, see Official UTS publications.

The Publications team supports the University's governance system with a range of committee and policy websites and produces and maintains the Governance Support Unit websites. The team also provides information about the University, its courses and activities to various external publishers and websites.

The Publications team works in partnership with other sections of the University to assist it to fulfill its statutory requirements for official publications, with strong emphasis on quality assurance, accuracy and consistency in the presentation of University information. A major project focus of the Publications team is the Course Information System (CIS).

Publications produces official publications using the Publications style guide as our central editorial reference to promote accuracy and consistency in UTS publications. We recommend that style guide and the following references: Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers (2002); Macquarie Dictionary (2005); and the Oxford Dictionary of English (2005).