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Board of Studies of the Institute for Sustainable Futures

A committee of Academic Board

The Board of Studies of the Institute for Sustainable Futures (the board) was established in 2003 to advise the institute director on academic matters in respect of courses of study at the Institute of Sustainable Futures (ISF), and on issues relating to students and not otherwise covered under the UTS Rules, such as granting ISF scholarship. The board refers matters to and seeks advice from ISF's Postgraduate Research Committee. Academic Board approved amendments to the composition of the board at 16/3 meeting held on 27 July 2016.

Committee contact

Suzanne Cronan
Operations Manager, ISF
Tel: 02 9514 4638

Composition and membership

Composition Membership
Director, ISF (Chair) Professor Stuart White
Responsible Academic Officer, ISF (Deputy Chair) Professor Chris Riedy
Responsible Academic Officer, ISF Professor Jason Prior
Research Administrator, ISF Suzanne Cronan
Associate directors of postgraduate program, ISF Professor Jason Prior

Dr Samantha Sharpe
Two postgraduate research students, elected by and from the postgraduate research students of ISF Thani Khara

Rupert Legg

Terms of reference

The board shall:

  1. operate within the framework of the UTS Rules, including, with the Vice-Chancellor's designation under Rule 1.2.2(c) as being equivalent to a faculty board for the purposes of UTS Rules, doing all things required by a faculty board under UTS Rules in relation to the students and functions of ISF.
  2. advise the director of the ISF on academic matters in respect to courses of study at ISF.
  3. advise the director on issues relating to students and not otherwise covered under UTS Rules, such as granting ISF scholarships.
  4. refer matters to and seek advice from ISF's Postgraduate Research Committee.

Membership term

The length of membership term for boards of studies will be two years for staff (including co-opted members) and one year for students, commencing from 1 January, consistent with the term of membership for members of faculty boards. (AB/17-1/18.3)

Number of meetings

Minimum of four scheduled meetings per year.


One half of members.


  1. The Postgraduate Research Committee shall be a standing sub-committee of the board. It will meet quarterly to consider student applications and make recommendations to the board.
  2. The board may establish sub-committees as appropriate.