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Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Health

A committee of Academic Board

The Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Health was established in 2011 and has a responsibility to assess the quality of, and provide direction for, the academic work of the Graduate School of Health, including teaching, learning, scholarship, research and research training. Academic Board approved amendments to the composition of the Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Health at 16/3 meeting held on 27 July 2016.

Committee contact

Fiona Scott
Tel: 02 9514 7369

Composition and membership

Composition Membership
Head, Graduate School of Health (Chair) Professor Charlie Benrimoj
Deputy Chair, as appointed from within Board membership; rotated between Science/Health nominees Associate Professor Joanne Gray
Manager, Graduate School of Health (Secretary) Fiona Scott (Acting)
Heads of Disciplines, Graduate School of Health Professor Ian Kneebone (Clinical Psychology)

Professor Kathryn Rose (Orthoptics)

Professor Kylie Williams (Pharmacy)

Professor Lynley Bradnam (Physiotherapy)
All academic staff >50% fractional time of the School, with the total number of persons to be such that it is equal to or larger than the sum of the total number of nominated members Birgun Rosa Ali (Clinical Psychology)

Associate Professor Beata Bajorek (Pharmacy)

Associate Professor Mary Bebawy (Pharmacy)

Dr David Berle (Clinical Psychology)

Robert Brockman (Clinical Psychology)

Michelle Courtney-Harris (Orthoptics)

Rachel Crawford (Physiotherapy)

Juno Cubelo (Orthoptics)

Dr Amanda French (Orthoptics)

Dr Victoria Garcia Cardenas (Pharmacy)

Dr Mojtaba Golzan (Orthoptics)

Dr Mehra Haghi (Pharmacy)

Dr David Kennedy (Physiotherapy)

Dr Khim Kwah (Physiotherapy)

Dr Ritu Jaiswal (Pharmacy)

Professor Lawrence Lam (Graduate School of Health)

Dr Michael Lee (Physiotherapy)

Susan Manners (Pharmacy)

Dr John McAloon (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Alana McCambridge (Physiotherapy)

Dr Toby Newton-John (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Vincent Nguyen (Orthoptics)

Dr George Ntoumenopoulos (Physiotherapy)

Christina Peterson (Orthoptics)

Dr Jayanthi Raman (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Lynette Roberts (Clinical Psychology)

Alice Shires (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Jooeun Song (Physiotherapy)

Dr Maria Sukkar (Pharmacy)

Dr Cherie Tsingos-Lucas (Pharmacy)
Two representatives from the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Health, as nominated by their respective Deans Associate Professor Rob Duffield, Faculty of Health

Associate Professor Joanne Gray, Faculty of Health

Professor Graham Nicholson, Faculty of Science

Professor Michael Wallach, Faculty of Science
One representative from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and one representative from the UTS Business School, as nominated by the respective Deans Dr Julie Robert, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Associate Professor Stephen Goodall, UTS Business School
One representative from the Graduate Research School, as nominated by the Dean Yamini Sandiran
One representative nominated by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education and Students) Jenny Pizzica
One representative from the library, as nominated by the University Librarian Tess Aitken
One representative from the profession of each discipline, as nominated by the respective heads of disciplines Dr Skye McDonald (Clinical Psychology)

Dr Frank Martin (Orthoptics)

Warwick Plunkett (Pharmacy)

Thy Chua (Physiotherapy)
One coursework student from each discipline, elected by and from the coursework students of the respective Discipline of the Graduate School of Health Jordan Rivkin (Clinical Psychology)

Hanna Inocencio (Orthoptics)

Nasiha Ahmed (Pharmacy)

Vacant (Physiotherapy)
One Higher Degree by Research student, Graduate School of Health elected by and from the Higher Degree by Research students of the Graduate School of Health Rachelle Cutler
One professional staff (FTE), elected by and from the professional staff of the Graduate School of Health Vacant
Postgraduate Director (Teaching and Learning), Graduate School of Health Professor Kylie Williams
Postgraduate Director (Research), Graduate School of Health Associate Professor Mary Bebawy
Educational Designer Jim Woulfe
Marketing and Communications Manager Elise Flynn

Terms of reference

The Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Health:

  1. is charged with advising the UTS Academic Board, Head of the Graduate School of Health and other senior Graduate School of Health staff on matters such as the strategic academic direction of the Graduate School of Health, academic standards, academic quality assurance and the management of academic risk.
  2. shall exercise such responsibilities and powers as are assigned to it by Academic Board and Council from time to time, and consider and report on all matters which are referred to it by Academic Board, the Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Faculty of Health and/or Faculty of Science, and make recommendations where appropriate.
  3. shall consider proposals for the introduction of new courses and major changes to existing courses, re-accreditation or discontinuation of existing courses, changes to course nomenclature or course classification, and make recommendations on these matters to the Vice-Chancellor and Academic Board as appropriate.
  4. shall maintain and develop courses to ensure a vital and contemporary relationship between the faculty and the professional fields which it seeks to serve.
  5. may refer any matter to a relevant sub-committee of the Board of Studies or an academic unit of the Faculty of Health and/or the Faculty of Science, for report.
  6. may establish such committees as it deems appropriate to assist its work. (It is not required that any or all of the members of a sub-committee are members of the Board of Studies, Graduate School of Health.)
  7. shall recommend to Academic Board the minimum requirements that will provide eligibility for entry to particular courses of study of the Graduate School of Health.
  8. shall submit to Academic Board the names of students who have completed courses of study, together with recommendations as to the award (including the grading) that should be made in each case.
  9. shall carry out the duties prescribed for faculty boards in the Rules of the University, Standing Delegations of Authority and University policy.

Co-opted membership

On the recommendation of the Chair, the Board of Studies has the power to approve the co-option of members on the basis of their skills and experience as appropriate.

Membership term

The length of membership term for Boards of Studies’ will be two years for staff (including co-opted members) and one year for students, commencing from 1 January, consistent with the term of membership for members of faculty boards. (AB/17-1/18.3)


The quorum shall be one-half of the current members of the Board of studies. If one-half is not a whole number, the next higher whole number shall be used.

Vacant positions on the Board of Studies do not count toward the total membership, of which one-half is required to reach a quorum.


Minimum of two scheduled meetings per year.