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Graduate Research School Board

A committee of Academic Board

The Graduate Research School Board has a dual role, operating in part as equivalent to a faculty board (in the Graduate Research School), dealing with matters related to the administration of research education, and in part as a committee of Academic Board, advising on and assessing proposals for research degrees. The board also works closely with the Research and Research Training Committee to refer to the committee issues and implications of research training policy matters.

Meeting dates


Tuesday 14 February
Tuesday 4 April
Tuesday 6 June
Tuesday 1 August
Tuesday 24 October*
Tuesday 28 November

Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
*Location: Chancellery, room 26, level 4a, Building 1, Broadway (CB01.04A.26), except for Tuesday 24 October, which will be in the dean's boardroom, room 6, level 7, Building 7, Broadway (CB07.07.006)


Tuesday 13 February
Tuesday 3 April
Tuesday 12 June
Tuesday 7 August
Tuesday 30 October
Tuesday 20 November

Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Location: Chancellery, room 26, level 4A, Building 1, Broadway (CB01.04A.26)

Committee contact

Lucy Forshaw
Senior Governance Support Officer
Tel: 02 9514 9770

Composition and membership

Composition Membership
Dean, Graduate Research School (Chair) Professor Lori Lockyer
Deputy Chair (nominated from committee membership) Associate Professor Deborah Edwards
Director, Researcher Development and Training, Graduate Research School, or nominee Associate Professor Tapan Rai
Director, Graduate Research School, or nominee Yamini Sandiran
Director, Connected Intelligence Centre, or nominee Dr Simon Knight (nominee)
Head of School, Graduate School of Health, or nominee Dr Toby Newton-John (nominee)
Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, or nominee Associate Professor Chris Riedy (nominee)
Director, Institute for Interactive Media and Learning, or nominee Dr Peter Kandlbinder (nominee)
University Librarian, or nominee Dr Patrick Tooth
At least one and no more than three nominees from each faculty for every 100 HDR EFTSL (rounded to the next higher whole number). Nominations to be made by the faculty dean Associate Professor Anthony Macris, Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Sandra Schuck, Arts and Social Sciences

Associate Professor Deborah Edwards, Business

Dr Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Design, Architecture and Building

Professor Michael Blumenstein, Engineering and Information Technology

Professor Eryk Dutkiewicz, Engineering and Information Technology

Professor Jie Lu, Engineering and Information Technology

Associate Professor Rob Duffield, Health

Professor Jenni Millbank, Law

Associate Professor Mike Ford, Science

Dr Hui Chen, Science

Dr Charlene Lobo, Science

Associate Professor Alison Beavis, Transdisciplinary Innovation
Two research degree students elected by and from research degree students of the university Daren Maynard

John Phung
Co-opted members on the basis of their skills and experience as appropriate Research literacies academic, Graduate Research School (Dr Terry Royce)

On the recommendation of the chair, the committee has the power to approve the co-option of members on the basis of their skills and experience as appropriate.

Terms of reference

  1. To make recommendations to Academic Board on the accreditation of new and existing research degrees.
  2. To make recommendations to Academic Board on the outcomes of reviews of research degree courses.
  3. To make recommendations to Academic Board, or the Provost on admissions standards for research degrees on faculties' advice.
  4. To approve Conditions of Award and procedures related to ranking and recommending applicants for graduate research scholarships.
  5. To determine policies, guidelines and procedures related to research degree candidature including supervision, course transfer, review of progress, candidature assessment and thesis examination.
  6. To consider, for recommendation to Academic Board, recommendations from the faculties for the conferral of doctoral and masters by research awards.
  7. To identify research training policy implications and to provide advice on matters related to research education and researcher development and refer them to the Research and Research Training Committee.
  8. To conduct such other business related to the Graduate Research School as the Chair, Graduate Research School Board sees fit.

Membership term

The length of committee membership terms will be two years for staff and one year for students, consistent with the term of membership for elected members of Academic Board.

Number of meetings

Minimum of six scheduled meetings per year.


The quorum shall be one–half of the current members of the committee, if one-half is not a whole number, the next higher whole number shall be used.

Vacant positions on the committee do not count toward the total membership of which one-half is required to reach a quorum.