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Committees of Academic Board

Academic Board has its own standing committees and boards of studies that advise the Board on a variety of matters pertaining to the academic programs of the university.

Academic Administration Committee

Deals with matters which arise from the university's administration which may have an impact upon academic policy.

Appeals committees

Appeals committees hear appeals under Section 17 of the Student and Related Rules.

Board of Studies of the Connected Intelligence Centre

Advises the centre director on academic matters in respect of courses of study at the centre, and on issues relating to students and not otherwise covered under the Rules of the university.

Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Health

Assesses the quality of, and provides direction for, the academic work of the Graduate School of Health, including teaching, learning, scholarship, research and research training.

Board of Studies of the Institute for Sustainable Futures

Advises the institute director on academic matters in respect of courses of study at the institute, and on issues relating to students not otherwise covered by the Rules of the university.

The board refers matters to and seeks advice from the institute's Postgraduate Research Committee.

Courses Accreditation Committee

Makes recommendations to Academic Board on the accreditation of proposed or existing coursework award courses and pan-university subjects, the discontinuation of accreditation and related policy and practice.

The Courses Accreditation Committee is responsible for advising Academic Board on admission standards and, as necessary, the recognition and policy related to foundation programs and articulation arrangements.

Executive Committee

Oversees the work and processes of Academic Board and ensures that Academic Board's work assists UTS to achieve its strategic objectives.

Graduate Research School Board

Deals with matters related to the administration of research education. Assesses proposals for research degrees, providing advice on these to Academic Board.

The board works closely with the Research and Research Training Committee to refer issues and implications of research training policy matters.

Research and Research Training Committee

Deals with matters pertaining to the future strategic planning and policy directions for research and research training as well as the development of the university's research culture and research profile.

Teaching and Learning Committee

Provides advice and makes recommendations to Academic Board and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) on the university's strategic directions, priorities and quality assurance processes for teaching and learning, and policies and guidelines related to teaching and learning in coursework programs.