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Research Committee

A committee of Academic Board

The Research Committee (the Committee) is a university-wide advisory and consultative committee, established by Academic Board. It deals with matters pertaining to the strategic planning and policy directions for research as well as the development of the university’s research culture and research profile.

2019 meeting dates

Wednesday 6 February
Wednesday 13 March
Wednesday 1 May
Wednesday 19 June
Wednesday 7 August
Wednesday 2 October
Wednesday 30 October

Time: 9.30am to 11.30am


  • 6 February meeting is in room 50, level 21, building 1, Broadway (CB01.21.50)
  • all other meetings are in room 60, level 21, building 1, Broadway (CB01.21.60)

Committee contact

Elbreg Zwaan
Senior Governance Support Officer
Tel: 02 9514 9811

Composition and membership

Composition Membership
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) as Chair Professor Kate McGrath
Deputy Chair (Associate Dean (Research) or equivalent nominated from committee membership) To be advised
Assistant Deputy Vice-Chancellors (Research) Professor Fiona Brooks

To be advised
Dean, Graduate Research School Professor Lori Lockyer
Director of Research, Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research Professor Larissa Behrendt
One Associate Dean (Research) or equivalent from each faculty and the Graduate School of Health, nominated by respective deans Professor Alan McKee, Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Ashish Sinha, Business

Professor Charles Rice, Design, Architecture and Building

Professor Michael Blumenstein, Engineering and Information Technology

Professor Rob Duffield (acting), Health

Professor Brian Opeskin, Law

Professor Alaina Ammit, Science

Associate Professor Alison Beavis, Transdisciplinary Innovation

Associate Professor Toby Newton John, Graduate School of Health
Three UTS Research Strength Directors, nominated by Chair Professor Liz Harry

Professor Dikai Liu

Professor Peter Ralph
Director, Institute of Sustainable Futures, or nominee Professor Damien Giurco (nominee)
Director, Institute for Public Policy and Governance, or nominee Professor Roberta Ryan
University Librarian, or nominee Sally Scholfield (nominee)
Chief Information Officer, or nominee Peter Gale (nominee)
Manager, Research Integrity and Research Programs Louise Wheeler
One Faculty Research Manager, nominated by Chair Karen Hill
Director, Research and Innovation Office Martin Lloyd
Two early career researchers from academic staff (whose PhD or equivalent doctorate has been awarded within the past five years), not necessarily members of Academic Board, elected by the members of Academic Board Dr Chris Jacobs

Ellen Rock
Two graduate research degree students, elected by and from graduate research degree students of the university Hasti Hayati

Gautam Pingali
Co-opted members on the basis of their skills and experience as appropriate Professor Jie Lu

On the recommendation of the chair, the committee has the power to approve the co-option of members on the basis of their skills and experience as appropriate.

Terms of reference

  1. The Committee provides academic oversight for research at UTS. The Committee has responsibility for considering the following matters and making recommendations to Academic Board or the applicable decision-making authority, as specified in UTS Delegations, Rules and policies:
    1. research strategy, including making recommendations on strategic planning directions for research and intellectual property, as it relates to the university’s research activities;
    2. research quality, impact and performance, including providing advice on the development of the university’s research culture, communication and research profile and monitoring performance against the University’s strategic research objectives;
    3. research integrity, including providing advice on policy issues related to the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and the supporting UTS governance instruments;
    4. research management and support, including approving the guidelines and selection process for key university internal research funding schemes;
    5. researcher development, including monitoring and reviewing professional research development initiatives and their effectiveness;
    6. research policies and guidelines, including developing, monitoring and reviewing research policies and their effectiveness and monitoring the operation of the university’s research strengths governance instruments; and
    7. research risk management, assessing and monitoring risks to the research activities, and reporting on these risks.
  2. The Committee does not have responsibility for matters relating to higher degree by research (HDR) student training, supervision, candidature and policy, which are under the remit of the Graduate Research School Board.

Membership term

The length of committee membership terms will be two years for staff and one year for students, consistent with the term of membership for elected members of Academic Board.

Number of meetings

Minimum of six scheduled meetings per year.


The quorum shall be one-half of the current members of the committee, if one-half is not a whole number, the next higher whole number shall be used.

Vacant positions on the committee do not count toward the total membership of which one-half is required to reach a quorum.