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UTS Responsible Academic Officers

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Coursework and research degrees

Professor Maryanne Dever, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Professor Alan McKee, Associate Dean (Research and Development)

Professor Mary Spongberg, Dean

Coursework degrees

Associate Professor Janet Currie, School of Education (to 30 June 2019)

Professor Mark Evans, Head of School, Communication

Mai Hansford, Senior Lecturer

Professor Lesley Harbon, Head of School, International and Education

Associate Professor Andrew Hurley, Deputy Head of School

Professor Anthony (Tony) Macris

Research degrees

Associate Professor Nick Hopwood, Associate Professor, Adult Learning and Applied Linguistics Program

Dr Alex Munt, Senior Lecturer

UTS Business School

Coursework and research degrees

Professor Carl Rhodes, Deputy Dean

Coursework degrees

Professor Mikhail Anufriev, Head, Economics Discipline Group

Professor Martin Bugeja, Head, Accounting Discipline Group

Professor Sarath Delpachitra, Director, UTS Business School Programs (Shanghai)

Professor Sara Denize, Associate Dean (Education)

Professor David Michayluk, Head, Finance Discipline Group

Associate Professor Marco Navone, Deputy Head, Finance Discipline Group

Dr Katie Schlenker, Deputy Head, Management Discipline Group

Professor Leona Tam, Associate Dean (International)

Research degrees

Associate Professor Deborah Edwards, Director (Postgraduate Research)

Professor Marion Haas

Professor Ashish Sinha, Associate Dean (Research and Development)

Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building

Professor Martin Bryant, Head of School, Architecture

Professor Anthony Burke, Associate Dean (International and External Engagement)

Alireza Ahmadian Fard Fini, School of the Built Environment (RAO for Misconduct) (to 1 February 2019)

Professor Heather MacDonald, Head of School, Built Environment

Dr Linda Matthews, School of Architecture (RAO for Misconduct)

Professor Elizabeth Mossop, Dean

Dr Sara Oscar (acting on behalf of Cherine Fahd), School of Design (RAO for Misconduct) (to 16 January 2019)

Gavin Perin, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Professor Charles Rice, Associate Dean (Research)

Associate Professor Roberta Ryan (Institute for Public Policy and Governance)

Associate Professor Song Shi, School of the Built Environment (RAO for Misconduct) (to 1 February 2019)

Associate Professor Kate Sweetapple, Head of School, Design

Associate Professor Leena Thomas, School of Architecture (RAO for Misconduct)

Luke Tipene, School of Design (RAO for Misconduct)

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Dr Wayne Brookes, Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning), School of Electrical and Data Engineering

Professor Ian Burnett, Dean

Dr Sam Ferguson, Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning), School of Software

Dr Benjamin Halkon, Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning), School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

Associate Professor Rob Jarman, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Rene Leveaux, Director, Engagement (Teaching and Learning)

Professor Jie Lu, Associate Dean (Research Excellence)

Professor Olivera Marjanovic, Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning), School of Systems, Management and Leadership

Dr Alan Sixsmith, Director (Teaching and Learning)

Dr Nham Tran, Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning), School of Biomedical Engineering

Dr Kirk Vessalas, Deputy Head of School (Teaching and Learning), School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Health

Dr Rob Bower, Director of Studies, Sport and Exercise Science (RAO for Misconduct)

Professor Fiona Brooks, Dean (acting)

Dr Christine Catling, Director of Studies, Midwifery (RAO for Misconduct)

Dr Deborah Debono, Director of Studies, Health Services Management (RAO for Misconduct)

Associate Professor Rob Duffield, Associate Dean (Research) (acting)

Dr Jan Forber, Director of Studies, Undergraduate Nursing

Professor Joanne Gray, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) (Teaching and Learning and Coursework Students)

Professor Andrew Hayen, Director of Studies, Public Health (RAO for Misconduct)

Dr Jo Lewis, Director of Studies, Health Studies (RAO for Misconduct)

Dr Lynn Sinclair, Deputy Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Katie Tunks-Leach, Director of Studies, Postgraduate Nursing (RAO for Misconduct)

Associate Professor Alex Wang, Director of Research Studies

Aileen Wyllie, Director, Undergraduate Nursing and Alternate Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Faculty of Law

Associate Professor Isabella Alexander, Director (Higher Degree Research Students)

Dr Angela Dwyer, Senior Lecturer (Higher Degree Research Students)

Maxine Evers, Associate Dean (Education)

John Felemegas, Student Misconduct Officer

Professor Lesley Hitchens, Dean

Francis Johns, Director, Students

Faculty of Science


Professor Alaina Ammit, Associate Dean (Research), or Dr Hui Chen, Director Higher Degree Research, or Professor William Gladstone, interim Dean

Teaching and Learning

Associate Professor Peter Meier, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning), or Dr Brad Murray, Director of Undergraduate Programs, or Dr Bernadette Saunders, Director of Postgraduate Coursework Programs, or Professor William Gladstone, interim Dean

International and Engagement

Professor Graham Nicholson, Associate Dean (International and External Engagement), or Professor William Gladstone, interim Dean

Student Misconduct and Appeals

Ashley Douglas, Academic Integrity Officer

Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation

Professor Louise McWhinnie

Associate Professor Alison Beavis

Professor Kees Dorst

Graduate School of Health

Clinical Psychology

Dr David Berle, Senior Lecturer (Research and Innovation)

Dr John McAloon, Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Learning)

Alice Shires, Psychology Clinic Director / Senior Lecturer (Clinical)


Michelle Courtney-Harris, Associate Lecturer (Clinical)

Amanda French, Lecturer (Teaching and Learning)

Dr Mojtaba Golzan, NHMRC Research Fellow — Vision Sciences (Research and Innovation)


Associate Professor Beata Bajorek, Associate Professor (Clinical and International)

Associate Professor Mary Bebawy, Associate Professor

Professor Kylie Williams, Head of Discipline (Teaching and Learning)


Dr David Kennedy, Senior Lecturer (Research and Innovation)

Dr Michel Lee, Senior Lecturer (Teaching and Learning)

Anthony Nasser, Clinical Education Manager (Clinical)

Connected Intelligence Centre

Dr Kirsty Kitto, Senior Lecturer

Dr Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Research Fellow

Professor Simon Buckingham Shum, Director

Institute for Sustainable Futures

Associate Professor Jason Prior

Professor Chris Riedy