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UTS Council

About the Council

Council is the governing body of the University and is constituted in accordance with the provisions of the University of Technology Sydney Act 1989 (NSW) (the Act). The following is a summary of the requirements for Council's composition, drawn from the Act, the University of Technology Sydney By-law 2005 (NSW), and other governance instruments.

Composition of the Council

The Council consists of the following members:

  1. Official members
    Three members, including the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of Academic Board.
  2. Appointed members
    • Two members being external persons appointed by the Minister, and
    • Eight external persons appointed by Council.
    Appointed members should represent, as far as practicable, the following categories:
    1. persons with senior experience in the field of education
    2. persons with senior experience in the fields of technology, research, or innovation
    3. persons with senior experience in business or industry
    4. persons who are likely to contribute to the cultural diversity of the University, and
    5. persons having such other qualifications and experience as the Council thinks appropriate.

    At least one member of the Council must be an external person who is a graduate of the University.

  3. Elected members
    • Two academic staff members
    • One non-academic staff member
    • One postgraduate student, and
    • One undergraduate student.

Council is chaired by the Chancellor, who is elected by the Council. The Deputy Chancellor is elected by and from Council members.

The University's chief executive officer is the Vice-Chancellor, who is accountable to the Council for all academic and administrative objectives of the University, including leadership, internal and external relations, strategic planning, management review and audit, entrepreneurial development and policy advice to Council.

The current membership of the Council is available at Council members.

Functions of the Council

As the governing authority of the University, Council has the powers and functions conferred or imposed on it by the Act. These include the control and management of the affairs and concerns of the University. Council may act in all matters in a manner that will best promote the object and interests of the University.


Deborah Crook
Executive Officer to the UTS Council
Tel: 02 9514 1240
Email: or