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Schedule: ActivateUTS Board — election of student directors

This is the schedule for the election to fill student director positions on the ActivateUTS Board.

The schedule specifies the term of office, electorate, dates for nominations and ballots, Returning Officer and election rules. It also includes the nomination form that should be used to nominate as a candidate in this election, and information about the ActivateUTS Board.

For the election of

Student directors three positions (at least one student director must be female)

Note: In odd-numbered years, one of the three student director positions is reserved for a female student (clause 15.2, ActivateUTS Constitution 2017) (PDF).

Term of office

Two years: 7 October 2017 to 6 October 2019


Students enrolled in any UTS award course (minimum duration: one year full-time or equivalent) at the close of nominations can stand as candidates, nominate candidates and vote in this election (Rule G3-24(1)(d), UTS General Rules; clauses 1.2 and 15.2, ActivateUTS Constitution 2017) (PDF).


Undergraduate students, postgraduate students and postgraduate research students who are also members of academic or professional staff of the University (either continuing or fixed term) are not entitled to stand as candidates, nominate candidates or vote in this election (Rule G3-24(2)).


  • Open Tuesday 8 August 2017
  • Close Tuesday 22 August 2017 at 3pm

Nomination form

To nominate a candidate in the election, use the nomination form: ActivateUTS Board — election of student directors (PDF)


If more nominations are received than the number of positions available, a ballot is required. Ballots will take place in UTS: Elections Online Polling Booth.

  • Open Tuesday 5 September 2017
  • Close Tuesday 12 September 2017 at 3pm

The names of candidates and statements submitted by them will be made available in Voting before ballots open.

Returning Officer

University Secretary, William Paterson

Election rules

ActivateUTS Constitution (Clause 15) (PDF)

Elections (Rule G3, Part 3)


Participants in elections (candidates, their representatives and voters) are expected to follow the same high standard of conduct and behaviour during the campaign process as is expected on campus generally. The behaviour of election candidates and their representatives should meet expected standards of conduct. See Code of Conduct for UTS Elections.

Concerns about security due to election-related conduct should be reported to UTS Security. Phone +61 2 9514 1192, or dial ‘6’ on any UTS phone.


The results of these elections will be made available in results around two weeks after close of voting, following the declaration of poll by the Returning Officer (Rule G3-38(3) and (4)).

About ActivateUTS Board

Number of meetings The ActivateUTS Board meets monthly, except December (ActivateUTS Standing Orders 0209).
Terms of reference

It is the mission of ActivateUTS to 'enrich the UTS community'.

The broad objectives of ActivateUTS are:

  • As a model organisation we will value accessibility, sustainability and diversity, and as such we will provide a safe, inclusive and accessible environment to maximise the experience of our community.
  • We will be an organisation that is innovative and dynamic, that strives for best practice in all we do, with a firm commitment to continuous improvement.
  • In providing our activities, events and programs to the UTS community, we will aim to develop key graduate attributes, ultimately enhancing the employability of UTS graduates.
  • ActivateUTS will provide products and services that are relevant, valuable, sustainable and enriching to meet the needs of the ever-changing UTS community.
  • We will provide visible, adaptive and contemporary places that maximise their usage and functionality.
  • We will provide a rewarding and inclusive workplace that values and enriches our workforce.

Without limiting the generality of the objectives stated above, ActivateUTS will:

  1. provide places for affiliated clubs, ActivateUTS sanctioned activities, programs and events, for the UTS community
  2. organise, assist and subsidise sporting, social and cultural clubs and societies and programs for the UTS community
  3. provide food, beverage and other support services for the UTS community
  4. provide personal and professional development opportunities for students of UTS, and
  5. encourage the continuing involvement of the graduates of the university in the life of the university.

Further information on ActivateUTS' duties and powers can be found in the ActivateUTS Constitution (PDF).


The Board of ActivateUTS Ltd currently consists of University appointed members, and elected student members (clause 8.2.1, ActivateUTS Constitution) (PDF):

  • Chair (appointed by UTS Council)
  • Treasurer (appointed by UTS Council)
  • One other director (appointed by UTS Council)
  • Two staff directors (appointed by UTS Council from amongst the staff of the university)
  • Seven student directors, four elected in even years and three in odd years (elected by and from the students of UTS)
  • Chief Executive Officer of ActivateUTS
Membership term Membership terms on Academic Board will be two years for student directors.
Further information

See ActivateUTS website

Electoral Officer
Email Electoral Officer
Telephone +61 2 9514 1235

Email Chief Executive Officer, Liz Morgan-Brett
Telephone +61 2 9514 1638