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Voting: ActivateUTS Board — election of student directors

Election of three student directors to the ActivateUTS Board
Term of office

two years: 7 October 2017 to 6 October 2019

Note: In odd-numbered years, one of the three student director positions is reserved for a female student (clause 15.2, ActivateUTS Constitution 2017) (PDF).

Students enrolled in any UTS award course (minimum duration: one year full-time or equivalent) at the close of nominations can vote in this ballot (Rule G3-24(1)(d), UTS General Rules; clauses 1.2 and 15.2, ActivateUTS Constitution 2017) (PDF).

Restrictions: Undergraduate students, postgraduate students and postgraduate research students who are also members of academic or professional staff of the University (either continuing or fixed term) are not entitled to vote in this election (Rule G3-24(2)).
Ballot opens Tuesday 5 September 2017
closes Tuesday 12 September 2017 at 3pm
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Candidates in ballot paper order

Candidates' statements

Ruturaj Ashok Khenat

I am Ruturaj A Khenat. I am originally from India and did Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I am pursuing my master’s in Manufacturing Engineering & Management from UTS. During the 2 semesters that I have spent here I’ve gained immense knowledge regarding the culture at the university and in Australia. I’ve got a good grip over my academics and would be interested in developing the social segment in my career and this would be the best opportunity to do so. With the knowledge I’ve gained during my tenure here I can help the new comers and others to get through easily and make it easy for them to stand out academically. I’ve also represented UTS at the Eastern University Games for Squash and am proud to have done so. I could help the young talent groom themselves at this opportunity and help them balance their academics and extracurricular as well.

Adam Issa

Hi, my name is Adam Issa and I'm running for the position of a Student Director within the Board of Activate UTS. As a long time student of UTS, I have been involved in the organisation and participation of many events within the university which has lead me to discover that the quality of student life within the university is important for students to stay motivated to their studies. As a member of the board, I will reach out to many students and look for key improvements to make with many of the university's facets. If elected my main goal would be to improve the communication and support between ActivateUTS and the clubs/societies in order to ensure a more eventful and lively atmosphere within the university campus.

If you too want an improved quality of student life at UTS then issa vote for ISSA.

Dhruv Saggar

Hi everyone! I'm Dhruv Saggar, a fourth year law/communications student ‘running' for a position on the ActivateUTS Student Board of Directors.

I say ‘running’, because I’m not a politician.

What I am is a student who works hard and has been involved in nearly everything around UTS. Executive positions, volunteer work, paid work.

What I am is passionate about our community.

What I understand is what works well, and how we can make our experience even better.

Enough on ‘what I’. What about ‘you’?

  • Increase your engagement and encourage collaboration between societies and faculties for a thriving campus experience.
  • Revamp communication platforms providing you relevant university news.
  • Develop initiatives improving transition to university life including mentorship programs and more events.

I will move us all towards a more rewarding, fulfilling and engaging university experience. All it takes is a single vote.

Christopher Lavilles

Hey, I’m Chris Lavilles and I want to help YOU have a Fun, Rewarding, Exciting and Employable experience at UTS. So even if uni isn’t FREE, you’ll have the next best thing. That’s why, if elected, my focus will be on YOU the individual.

Whether you balance elite sport or full-time work with university, whether you’ve travelled across the world to study here, whether you don’t feel motivated, whether you’re flat-out broke, whether you want to learn new skills or do fun things or even whether you feel UTS parties could do with some improvement, YOU deserve a great experience. So vote for me and I’ll use my skills, passion and time; as a co-op accounting student, as a social entrepreneur, as a semi-professional ballet dancer, to create collaborative (within UTS and across our state-wide community) and meaningful opportunities for you to have the university experience you deserve.

Vote Chris1mas!!!!

Allan Soo

I believe as Student Board Director for ActivateUTS I would encourage small-medium businesses to get more involved with our University community and clubs. Societies are great at involving industry leaders from large companies but I feel as though we have overlooked other companies who make up the bulk of our society who can offer smilar or better opportunities to our students. This would reduce unemployment rates for our fellow UTSians and bridge communities both within and outside of UTS.

A vote for Allan is A vote for your Future!

Amar Hamed

Hi, my name is Amar Hamed and I am a first-year midwifery student at UTS. I am a passionate and empathetic individual who wants to see everyone around her flourish and succeed. I want to get more involved in the communities around me and want to help make sure that student experiences at UTS are optimal and improving. I would like to be part of the decision-making process in an organisation that aims to enrich the UTS community and develop skills to support diverse sporting and social clubs, and assist in providing personal and professional development opportunities for students.

Dhawal Vijan

I'm really glad that UTS provides this kind of opportunity to students like us. In this position of Director it is very important to have a rational and remarkable approach. I want to be part of it because I'm really interested and secondly with the help of this position I can resolve or support students in their lives and as well as career. Moreover, I'm a Gold medallist in Badminton and I can support or enrich these kind of activities. I believe in bringing people together and creating Synergy because together we can achieve much more. I see this as an opportunity to help people leverage abundant resources UTS has to offer. I look forward to serving as a valued member of the team if elected.

Andrew Ear

As Vice-President of the Food Appreciation society and a general executive of ESAC, I am knowledgeable in the practices in running a sustainable society in partnership with ActivateUTS and the wider community. Becoming a student director would perpetuate my abilities to help ActivateUTS and all the social and sport clubs easing the processing and decision making process.

Rohan Indra

I want an energised, accessible and student friendly UTS. I want what all students want, facilities and programs that are actually useful on a daily basis. We need charging stations, places to top up your opal card, and a voice for grievances. Making students' lives easier only starts there, I admit it's an ambitious task. I believe we need someone not only with the tenacity but also the collaboration skills to work towards making change happen.

Sabrina Ester Ulis

I didn’t start at UTS, but my life eventually lead me here and it was the best decision I’ve made so far. So as a second year UTS student, I pledge to make other students’ experiences at university as wonderful as mine has been. I pledge to hear your desires for change and voice them to others. I pledge to make real change for YOU, the students. Take a chance on me and your vote may be the deciding factor between a uni that you just go to class for, or a uni that is worth sticking around for afterwards…

Kirsten Nheu

I’m Kirsten Nheu, studying in my second year of a Bachelor of Communication (Public Communication) degree. Throughout my time at UTS, I have been actively involved with the UTS Society of Communications and UTS Open Day 2017. As a result, I have gained invaluable experience and insight into what the UTS community currently is, and aim to develop ways to further build this environment.

As part of the UTSoC social justice team, the “Racism. It Stops With Me” campaign has been one of our most visible initiatives that contribute towards creating a safe environment around campus, which is an issue I strongly believe in. In addition to this, organising volunteer opportunities for students has encouraged a stronger support network.

My involvement throughout the campus has allowed me to gain an understanding of what you, the students, are interested in, want and need. It’s time for Nheu changes around UTS!

Thomas Miletich

Candidate did not submit a statement.

How to vote in an online ballot

  1. Note your candidate choices and preference order
  2. Log in to UTS: Elections Online Polling Booth
  3. Choose the election you wish to vote in
  4. Select the candidates you wish to vote for
  5. Check your vote
  6. When you are ready, choose 'submit' to record your vote.


Participants in elections (candidates, their representatives and voters) are expected to follow the same high standard of conduct and behaviour during the campaign process as is expected on campus generally. The behaviour of election candidates and their representatives should meet expected standards of conduct. See Code of Conduct for UTS Elections.

Concerns about security due to election-related conduct should be reported to UTS Security. Phone +61 2 9514 1192, or dial ‘6’ on any UTS phone.

Further information

The schedule for this election has information about the election rules, Returning Officer and ActivateUTS Board.

About voting has information about votes, confidentiality and determining election outcomes.