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Voting: Faculty Board in FEIT — election of a postgraduate student from an engineering coursework or research degree

Election ofone postgraduate student (coursework or research) enrolled in an engineering program in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology to the Faculty Board
Term of office one year: 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018

Persons enrolled in courses that are listed in the register of postgraduate engineering coursework or research award courses of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (minimum duration: one year full-time or equivalent) can vote in this ballot (Rule G3-24(1)(f)).

Restrictions: Postgraduate students and postgraduate research students who are also members of academic or professional staff of the University (either continuing or fixed term) are not entitled to vote in this election (Rule G3-24(2)).

New ballot period:

opens Thursday 14 September 2017
closes Thursday Thursday 28 September 2017 at 3pm

See update note
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Candidates in ballot paper order

Candidates' statements

Dhawal Vijan

I’m asking for your support because I have the desire to drive change and make our Faculty the very best it can be. I’ve been active in similar organisations in past during my undergrad study program. Having prior similar experience equips me with specific skills which I’m sure will help FEIT grow. I listen, am respectful of others and understand the concept of collaboration. My motto is – a lot can be achieved when Synergy is the anthem. If elected, my priorities will be to analyse, understand and address course development and academic standards. Being a team player, I’ll very much be relying on feedback from veterans which will help me identify and address any blind spots. Looking forward to your support and encouragement.

Ruturaj Ashok Khenat

I am Ruturaj A Khenat. I am originally from India and did Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I am pursuing my master’s in Manufacturing Engineering & Management from UTS. During the 2 semesters that I have spent here I’ve gained immense knowledge regarding the culture at the university and in Australia. I’ve got a good grip over my academics and would be interested in developing the social segment in my career and this would be the best opportunity to do so. With the knowledge I’ve gained during my tenure here I can help the new comers and others to get through easily and make it easy for them to stand out academically. I’ve also represented UTS at the Eastern University Games for Squash and am proud to have done so. I could help the young talent groom themselves at this opportunity and help them balance their academics and extracurricular as well.

Robert Stephenson

Candidate did not submit a statement.

Rohan Kuncheria Thomas

My name is Rohan Kuncheria Thomas and I am currently in my 2nd semester at UTS, pursuing a Masters of Engineering Management. I wish to transfer my course in September and do the ME MEM course, majoring in Energy Planning and Policy with my final semester thus being the Spring session of 2018.

I am good at multi-tasking; and was a journalist and was involved in starting a company with a friend whilst working full time as an electrical engineer in India. I think out of the box and tend to spend more time in analyzing the problem to come up with the most optimum solution. I was shortlisted to participate in the UTS Hatchery program and currently am an industrial assistant for the Engineers’ Society of UTS. If elected, I will bring an unconventional approach towards solving a problem, an approach that may benefit all stakeholders involved.

Chaitanya Mandali

My reason for nominating for the Faculty Board elections in Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology as a Postgraduate student (coursework) in Engineering is that having a strategic academic standards, quality and risk management helps to elevate the UTS rankings to better position in Academic reputation, Employer reputation, Faculty Citations, International Faculty and International Students. I put all my effort in developing Faculty board from student perspective by transferring sound deliverables from academic board and contribute in suggesting academic board and board members in student point of view. I hope that you will put your trust in me to represent you in the foremost way I can.

How to vote in an online ballot

  1. Note your candidate choices and preference order
  2. Log in to UTS: Elections Online Polling Booth
  3. Choose the election you wish to vote in
  4. Select the candidates you wish to vote for
  5. Check your vote
  6. When you are ready, choose 'submit' to record your vote.


Participants in elections (candidates, their representatives and voters) are expected to follow the same high standard of conduct and behaviour during the campaign process as is expected on campus generally. The behaviour of election candidates and their representatives should meet expected standards of conduct. See Code of Conduct for UTS Elections.

Concerns about security due to election-related conduct should be reported to UTS Security. Phone +61 2 9514 1192, or dial ‘6’ on any UTS phone.

Further information

The schedule for this election has information about the election rules, Returning Officer and Faculty Board.

About voting has information about votes, confidentiality and determining election outcomes.

Update note

Due to a system error, the Returning Officer has declared the ballot that opened on 5 September 2017 invalid in accordance with General Rule G3-23(3). Updated 13 September 2017.