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Voting: Faculty Board in Engineering and Information Technology — election of academic staff from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Election of three academic staff members from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering to the Faculty Board in Engineering and Information Technology
Terms begin from 1 January 2018 and last for either two or three years (see term of office)

Any academic staff member (continuing or fixed-term) from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering can vote in this election (Rule G3-24(1)(b), UTS General Rules).

Restrictions: Students, undergraduate students, postgraduate students and postgraduate research students who are also members of academic or professional staff of the University (either continuing or fixed-term) are not entitled to stand as candidates, nominate candidates or vote in this election (Rule G3-24(2)).
Ballot opens Tuesday 7 November 2017
closes Tuesday 21 November 2017 at 3pm
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Candidates in ballot paper order

Candidates' statements

Behzad Fatahi

I, Behzad Fatahi, am an Associate Professor of Civil-Geotechnical Engineering in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. I am a Chartered Professional Engineer and was working with Coffey Geotechnics Pty Ltd. prior to joining UTS in 2008. I hold BEng and PhD from the University of Wollongong. I would like to reflect collective views of members of the School in the Faculty Board helping to set strategic academic direction, and academic standards, and further develop plans for academic quality assurance and management of academic risk. In collaboration with other members of the faculty, I will look at development of new courses and changes to existing courses as required. I strongly believe on integration of teaching and research, improving learning experience of students as well as the research quality. I will be working with other faculty members, to raise academic standing of UTS, and to offer more practical courses.

See Update note.

Hadi Khabbaz

Hadi Khabbaz is an Associate Professor in Civil Engineering. He is a researcher and lecturer in the Geotechnical Engineering Discipline. Hadi received his PhD from UNSW in 1997. He has taken an enthusiastic role in conducting research on unsaturated soils, ground improvement techniques and railway engineering. He teaches to inspire students to become a lifelong learner. He was the course coordinator of Civil Programs for 5 years, the Acting Head of School for 1.5 years and the Deputy Head of School for 2.5 years. He is the Deputy Chair of Australian Geomechanics Society (Sydney Chapter).

He would like to serve as an active member of the Faculty Board to cultivate further collegial atmosphere, promote the quality of industry based research activities, research training & supervision; and ensure the quality of T&L and educational standards of postgraduate and undergraduate courses at FEIT.

James Bell

Candidate did not submit a statement.

Yangcheng Li

Have been working at UTS for more than 8 years, I have been witnessing the amazing transformation of the university/faculty towards the world leading university of technology. It is my privilege and honor if I could contribute to fulfill the university vision and resolution, healthy working environment, teaching and learning, and research excellence.

How to vote in an online ballot

  1. Note your candidate choices and preference order
  2. Log in to UTS: Elections Online Polling Booth
  3. Choose the election you wish to vote in
  4. Select the candidates you wish to vote for
  5. Check your vote
  6. When you are ready, choose 'submit' to record your vote.


Participants in elections (candidates, their representatives and voters) are expected to follow the same high standard of conduct and behaviour during the campaign process as is expected on campus generally. The behaviour of election candidates and their representatives should meet expected standards of conduct. See Code of Conduct for UTS Elections.

Concerns about security due to election-related conduct should be reported to UTS Security. Phone +61 2 9514 1192, or dial ‘6’ on any UTS phone.

Further information

The schedule for this election has information about the election rules, Returning Officer and Academic Board.

About voting has information about votes, confidentiality and determining election outcomes.

Update note

Added Behzad Fatahi's candidate statement, which was omitted in error. Updated 8 November 2017.