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Indigenous Student Services Committee

Following consideration of consultation feedback, and in light of the current UTS environment, on 31 October 2017 at its 17/2 meeting, the Vice-Chancellor’s Indigenous Strategies Committee resolved (VCISC/17-2/17) that the following three committees be disestablished, effective 1 January 2018:

  • Indigenous Recruitment and Outreach Committee
  • Indigenous Studies Committee, and
  • Indigenous Student Services Committee.

In support of the above, it is noted that the comprehensive Indigenous committee system was introduced as a scaffold to support cultural change enabling cooperation in the whole-of-university approach to Indigenous education and employment. Subsequent changes involving creation of senior Indigenous positions and other governance changes have meant that, in relation to the three committees disbanded, work and monitoring is taking place outside of and regardless of committee meetings. The disestablishment of these committees doesn’t preclude key staff meeting informally at any time to discuss operational issues or matters of concern.

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