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Statement of Postgraduate Coursework Students' Rights and Responsibilities
Approved by: Council
Date: 28 October 1999
Meeting no: 99/7
Resolution no: COU/99/82
Responsible Officer: Dean, Graduate Research School
Note: This document is current, however is under review.


This document is intended as an aid to clarify the rights and responsibilities of UTS students undertaking postgraduate coursework programs. This is intended as a general guide only, and we advise that all students familiarise themselves with the rules and procedures of the University specific to their particular course of study.


Students have a right to:

  • receive prior to the commencement of their course, documentation clearly explaining degree requirements, resources available, administrative procedures and other information (including procedures with regard to assessment). Should any of these requirements or procedures change during their course of study, enrolled students have the right to be advised of changes in writing [1];
  • receive, at the commencement of their program, orientation to their course as deemed appropriate by their Faculty;
  • be advised in writing of the names and contact details of faculty academic and administrative staff whose roles include the provision of support for postgraduate coursework students. Where these contact details change, students have the right to be advised of these changes in writing;
  • expect that, where there is a project component to their course, they will receive adequate access to academic support and the resources necessary to carry out the project as agreed upon by the student and their principal academic adviser, and in accordance with faculty standards;
  • expect that University staff, both academic and administrative, will respond promptly and accurately to reasonable enquiries made by them with regard to any aspect of their academic progress.


Students have a responsibility to:

  • become knowledgeable about the rules and guidelines of the University, and of the faculty in which they are enrolled, pertaining to their course of study and to their participation in the UTS community, and conduct themselves in accordance with these rules and guidelines;
  • familiarise themselves with enrolment procedures relevant to their course of study, and act in accordance with these;
  • take note of course requirements and assessment criteria, and work in accordance with these;
  • actively seek assistance from relevant members of staff when they require academic or administrative support;
  • become knowledgeable about the University's special consideration, complaints, and disciplinary procedures, and act in accordance with those procedures when seeking special consideration or lodging a complaint or appeal.


1. 'In writing' is defined as 'hard copy' correspondence, or email correspondence where ALL affected students have confirmed access to email.