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Environmental Sustainability Policy


This policy provides a framework for environmentally sustainable and responsible practices, activities, and operations at UTS. Through this policy, the University aims to demonstrate leadership in sustainable development in the university sector, and work towards developing environmentally sustainable campuses that will foster sustainability values and principles to students and employees.

Dates Policy or amendment approved 20/08/08
Policy or amendment takes effect 03/09/08
Policy is due for review (2 years) 2010
Approved by Council
Meeting number/date 08-4 (20 August 2008)
Resolution number COU/08-4/73
Implementation Officer Sustainability Taskforce Coordinator
Relevant to All staff and all students (UTS website)
Related documents UTS Sustainability Project Charter
File number UR08/697
Superseded documents UTS Sustainability Policy, 1999
Review notes
  • UTS Sustainability Project Charter (under review)
  • Sustainability Directive (in development)


1. Purpose

Through this policy, the University aims to:

  • demonstrate UTS leadership in sustainable development in the university sector
  • work towards a sustainable future with other universities, government, communities and industry partners
  • develop environmentally sustainable and responsible campuses that will foster sustainability values and principles to students and employees
  • ensure enhanced levels of compliance with relevant environment sustainability legislations, standards, and agreements.

2. Scope

This policy provides a framework for environmentally sustainable and responsible practices, activities, and operations at UTS.

This policy will be implemented with the help and support of the Environment Sustainability Initiative to ensure that UTS meets its environmental legislation and regulatory obligations.

For the purpose of this policy, UTS means the University of Technology, Sydney, and all its campuses and properties. The policy applies to all UTS staff, visitors, students and contractors.

3. Definitions

There are no definitions required at this time.

4. Policy principles

The following principles underpin the UTS Environmental Sustainability Policy in undertaking our commitment towards environmentally sustainable campuses:

  • Incorporating sustainability principles into all University activities and decision making at all levels
  • Identifying alternative and sustainable courses of action to minimise the University's environmental impact
  • Creating and promoting an environmentally sustainable and responsible culture across the University community
  • Setting rolling, sustainable and feasible targets to reduce the University's environmental impact and use of resources
  • Utilising the University's education, knowledge and research in sustainability development to build best practice in campus sustainability amongst universities, both nationally and internationally
  • Committing to continuous improvement of environment performance at UTS

The UTS Environmental Sustainability Policy affirms the principles of the Australian Technology Network's Declaration of Commitment to Local, National, and Global Sustainability.

5. Policy statements

5.1 Positioning UTS within sustainability

The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) is a leader in teaching and learning and is committed to continuous development in sustainability research and all other educational activities.

As role models for new generations and young leaders, we undertake to work on developing a sustainable campus and fostering a culture of sustainable and environmentally responsible values across the University's campuses.

We acknowledge the current global challenges in terms of environment and natural resources and we recognise our part in reducing our resource use, and ecological footprint by the most effective and efficient sustainable practice(s).

5.2 Environmental Sustainability in action at UTS

UTS Environmental Sustainability Initiative was established in 2007. Its intent is to take advantage of current UTS research and the knowledge of the Australian Technology Network and other universities around the world and industry partners, so as to improve the environmental sustainability of UTS campuses. Naturally, it is hoped that these UTS initiatives provide examples and research that others may use in their sustainability endeavours.

This initiative operates through a structured taskforce consisting of a steering committee supported by working groups for:

  • Water
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Procurement
  • Design
  • Reporting and Communications

The key goal of the taskforce is to integrate sustainable business practices into University activities.

6. Roles and responsibilities

The Accountable Officer:
Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice-President (Resources)
Phone: 9514 1311

The Implementation Officer:
Sustainability Taskforce Co-ordinator
Phone: 9514 7805

Committees: Sustainability Steering Committee and its working groups:
Environmental Sustainability Reporting & Communication, Waste, Energy, Water, Transport, Procurement, Design Guidelines, and Working Group Heads.

Other positions:
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research), in relation to Sustainability Research
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), in relation to Sustainability Teaching & Learning initiatives

Environment Health and Safety Manager: To ensure integration of sustainability initiatives in the UTS Environment, Heath and Safety Plan
Director, Institute for Sustainable Future: to ensure that the Institute for Sustainable Futures contributes to the Environment Sustainability Initiative
Facility Management Unit: To ensure integration of sustainability initiatives in the design and operations of both new and existing buildings.
Director, Facility Management Unit
Deputy Director, Facility Management Unit
Planning and Design Review Manager
Quality and Environment Manager, Facility Management Unit.

7. Acknowledgements and other sources of information on sustainability

Australian Technology Network, Declaration of Commitment to Local, National, and Global Sustainability (PDF)

The Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future, Talloires Declaration (PDF)

UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures

Institute for Water and Environmental Resource Management

The NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change

The Australian Government Department of Climate Change

The Australian Government Department of Environment, Water, and Heritage

UTS Centre for Corporate Governance

8. Version control and change history

Date Version Approved by & resolution no. Amendment