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Council approved the UTS Governance Instruments Policy in April 2014. The Policy must be used in the development and review of all Policies, Vice-Chancellor's Directives and other governance instruments.

All current UTS governance instruments are required to be published on this site, which functions as the authorised electronic repository. Categories of UTS governance instruments are Standing Delegations of Authority, Frameworks, Policies, Vice-Chancellor's Directives, Codes and Charters and University-level Procedures.

All governance instruments published on this site are current and enforceable. Instruments that are scheduled for review and/or under review are also current and enforceable until such time as they are replaced, updated or rescinded.

Where guidelines, principles, procedures, standards and/or codes are approved by Council or Academic Board, they will continue to be published on this site. Procedural and guideline documentation that relates to specific unit or faculty areas of activity, such as facilities management, is published by the relevant area on their local site.

Finding governance instruments

UTS governance instruments are available at the following:

Alternatively, the 'search' option available on some UTS websites can be used to locate governance instruments.

For further assistance, contact the Senior Advisor, Governance and Policy.

Developing UTS governance instruments

For guidance in developing or reviewing governance instruments, see UTS Governance Instruments Policy and Procedures.

If you need further assistance in identifying the relevant contact person for those documents, or assistance in using the Policy or user guide, contact the Senior Advisor, Governance and Policy.

Policy tools

Issues Log (60kb Word)

Sample Policy Review Questions (48kb Word)

Tips on Effective Consultation (752kb Word)

User guide (1mb PDF)

Official UTS Governance Instruments template

Policy template (64kb Word)


Academic policies coversheet (21kb Word)

Directives coversheet (30kb Word)

Policies coversheet (30kb Word)


Elizabeth Miller
Senior Advisor, Governance and Policy
telephone 02 9514 7810