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Academic Promotion Vice-Chancellor's Directive


The purpose of this Directive is to outline the process for academic promotion and to set out the criteria against which academic staff will be assessed for promotion.

The Academic Promotion Vice-Chancellor's Directive is available as a PDF document.

Dates Directive approved 26/03/2012
Directive takes effect 23/04/2012
Directive is due for review (up to five years) 03/2013
Directive amendment approved 25/05/2015
Directive amendment takes effect 05/06/2015
Approved by Vice-Chancellor
Implementation Officer Director, Human Resources
Relevant to Full-time, part-time and sessional academic staff
Related documents
Legislation None
File number UR15/923
Superseded documents
  • Annual Academic Promotion Directive
  • Annual Academic Promotion Guidelines
  • Appeal Against Academic Promotion Decisions Directive
  • Promotion for ARC Fellows and CRC Researchers to Salary Level C Directive