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Public Assembly on UTS Campus Vice-Chancellor's Directive


This Directive aims to provide information about the management of the UTS campus environment and facilities during staff or student demonstrations.

The Public Assembly on UTS Campus Vice-Chancellor's Directive is also available as a PDF document.

Dates Directive approved 10/07/2012
Directive takes effect 26/07/2012
Directive is due for review (up to five years) 08/2017
Directive amendment approved 09/03/2015
Directive amendment takes effect 14/08/2015
Approved by Vice-Chancellor
Latest amendment: Director, Governance Support Unit (see change history for details)
Implementation Officer Director, Facilities Management Unit
Relevant to All who visit or utilise the University's Campus and/or facilities (see Scope)
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File number UR11/591
Superseded documents Potential and Actual Violent and Disruptive Behaviour on Campus Vice-Chancellor's Directive


1. Purpose

The purpose of this Directive is to ensure that demonstrations (public assemblies) by members of the UTS community on the University Campus are conducted in a manner that is in accordance with legislation and UTS policy.

2. Scope

This Directive applies to all who visit or utilise the University Campus and/or facilities, including:

  • students
  • staff, contractors and other persons appointed or engaged by UTS to perform work, duties or functions for UTS
  • visitors.

3. Definitions

University Campus
encompasses all indoor and outdoor spaces including building forecourts, common use areas of the University, libraries, lecture rooms, offices and theatres, meeting rooms, laboratories, corridors, open-air grassed areas, entrances, cafeterias, bars and function areas.

4. Directive principles

The Director, Facilities Management Operations (FMO) is responsible for overseeing the management of this space, including but not limited to maintenance, construction activities, security, cleaning and emergency management.

5. Directive statements

5.1 Notification

5.1.1 Notifying and obtaining authorisation from NSW Police

New South Wales legislation requires that organisers obtain authorisation for a demonstration by giving notice to a police station seven days prior to the event. Police will request that organisers complete a form.

5.1.2 Notifying UTS Security

UTS Security request notification of an intention to hold a public assembly on the University Campus. Notification should include a copy of the form submitted to Police about the event.

5.2 No disruption

5.2.1 Staff and students may conduct meetings, rallies and demonstrations in public areas of the University, provided they are orderly and peaceful and do not unreasonably disrupt the business of the University or disrupt, limit or prevent others from going about their normal business.

5.2.2 Appropriate rooms and other suitable areas within UTS are made available for these occasions consistent with other University uses and requirements.

5.3 UTS Security

5.3.1 UTS Security seeks and welcomes advance contact with organisers of rallies and demonstrations to ensure the safety of staff, students, demonstrators and others on University Campus and to protect University property. In so doing, UTS Security has the function of assisting members of the UTS community to exercise their legitimate right to express their view and opinions.

5.3.2 UTS Security is responsible for ensuring that all reasonable security measures are afforded to anyone on campus should there be any risk that they become the target of the demonstrators or other threats. UTS Security should take such measures as are reasonable in the circumstances to protect persons or property from injury, damage, theft or misuse. If the Manager, Security Services forms the view that UTS staff, including security staff, would be unable to handle a potential incident on behalf of the University, he or she should seek the assistance of the Police. The Manager, Security Services will inform the Vice-Chancellor of any significant incident including any injuries or damage.

5.4 Obstruction

It is important that staff and students allow other groups within the University community to express their views peacefully without fear of retaliation or retribution. Staff and students who do not agree with protesting groups are not entitled to take action to prevent the expressing of those views. Under no circumstances should staff or students take it upon themselves to 'police' any demonstration, protest or civil disturbance.

5.5 Police assistance

5.5.1 The University's Security Officers should engage in careful and considered discussions with relevant police officers in relation to potential and actual violent and disruptive behaviour on campus. In the course of such discussions, the University's Security Officers should convey the University's commitment to free and rational discussion of issues and to tolerance for the broadest range of views and opinions and modes of expressing them consistent with the values of the University and the requirements of the law.

5.5.2 The Manager, Security Services should confirm any request for assistance of the Police to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Resources) and contact the appropriate senior police officer.

5.5.3 The University accepts that the Police will determine what level of assistance, if any, they can provide and the lawful measures they need to use to fulfil their responsibilities.

5.6 Safe access and egress

The University's Security Officers should take all reasonable steps to facilitate safe and unobstructed access to and egress from buildings and the campus by members of the University and bona fide visitors. In situations of extreme risk, it may be necessary to initiate temporary restrictions or conditions on the movements of persons to protect their safety and security.

5.7 Breaches

All potential breaches of this Directive should be reported to the Vice-Chancellor.

Any contraventions of this Directive by UTS staff may be dealt with in accordance with the relevant Enterprise Agreement and the Code of Conduct.

Any contraventions of this Directive by Student Rules.

6. Roles and responsibilities

Accountable Officer: Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Resources)

Implementation Officer: Director, Facilities Management Operations

7. Acknowledgements

None applicable.

8. Version control and change history

Effective date Version Approved by, resolution no. (date) Amendment
26/07/2012 1 Vice-Chancellor (10/07/2012) New Directive.
14/08/2015 1.1 Council,COU/14-5/106 (15/10/2014) Consequential changes to align with changes to the Student Rules.
Director, Governance Support Unit (GSU) (09/03/2015) Changes (approved under Delegation 3.17) to update references to the UTS General Rules (G4).