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Disclosure of Assessment Results
Approved by: Council
Date: 19/12/1991
Meeting no: 91/10
Resolution no: COU/91/125.1
Responsible Officer: To be advised
Latest amendment: 27/05/2016
Director, Governance Support Unit (changes approved under Delegation 3.17 to update references to the role of Registrar (part of the 2014 restructure)).
  1. Students have a right of access to their individual results and, for subjects where percentage marks are calculated, the final marks should be provided automatically by the Provost on Result Notices.
  2. Faculties should make appropriate arrangements for students wishing to peruse their examination scripts or to obtain a copy of their examination scripts to do so, provided that:
    1. the request is made within three months of the release of the results of the examination;
    2. the examination paper does not contain confidential material for repeated use in successive examinations.
  3. Faculties should ensure that all details of assessment systems are provided in Subject Outlines, and the results for major components on which assessment grades are based are made available to students, whatever the system of assessment used.
  4. Where assessment grades are based on verbal descriptors, faculties should ensure that the nature of the judgments is explicit and that students have the right to request information on their results on each assessment component and an explanation of how the overall assessment grade was determined.
  5. Examination marks and other results for assessment components should be treated as personal information and therefore disclosed only to the students concerned, but examiners should be encouraged to provide publicly, at their discretion, group data which will allow students to gauge their comparative performance in the subject.
  6. Any difficulties in implementing this policy should be reported to the Academic Board within one year of implementation.