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Student Declaration


This Student Declaration is a mandatory declaration completed by students during their enrolment at UTS.

The Student Declaration is also available as a PDF document.

  • Declaration approved 22/02/2013
  • Declaration takes effect 22/02/2013
  • Declaration amendments approved 13/07/2016
  • Declaration amendments take effect 11/08/2016
Approved by Provost
Latest amendment: Director, Governance Support Unit (GSU) (see change history for details)
Relevant to Past, current and future UTS students

Student Declaration

  1. I accept, will comply with, and be bound by, the UTS Act, By-law, Student Rules and Policies.
  2. I am responsible for any UTS equipment and facilities that I use and I agree to pay for the repair or replacement of equipment or facilities damaged or lost while in my possession or use.
  3. I am responsible for:
    1. providing accurate and complete information for the purpose of enrolling at UTS, and
    2. providing my bank accounts details, if required by UTS, for the processing of refunds and payments from UTS.
  4. I am responsible for, immediately, or within no more than five working days:
    1. updating my contact details through my online access via MyStudentAdmin, and
    2. notifying the appropriate UTS office and/or Student Centre of:
      1. a change to my personal and/or contact information, and/or
      2. a change to my circumstances which might adversely affect the status of my enrolment or course progression.
  5. I understand and agree that UTS depends on the accuracy of any information provided by me before and during my enrolment at UTS and UTS is not responsible or liable for any errors resulting from inaccurate information provided by me.
  6. I accept that my UTS email address and email account will be used for formal communication with UTS and that I am responsible for checking my UTS email account regularly. I agree that if I provide a phone number to UTS, it may also be used as a secondary form of communication with me.
  7. I acknowledge that details about how UTS will collect, use, disclose and retain my personal or health information is available from Privacy at UTS and in the UTS Privacy Vice-Chancellor's Directive.
  8. I consent to UTS using my personal information for legitimate UTS purposes, as reasonably determined by UTS.
  9. I understand that UTS is proactive in providing support to its students and I acknowledge that my and other students' personal information, academic performance and engagement with UTS services and facilities may be assessed so that additional services and facilities can be offered to me to support my studies and I understand analysis of de-identified information may also be used to inform UTS quality improvement initiatives.
  10. I consent to UTS disclosing my personal information to a person or body external to UTS where:
    1. disclosure is required or permitted by law or is required to fulfil mandatory or contractual reporting requirements to Commonwealth and state government departments, statutory and regulatory bodies and their legitimate agents
    2. if I am an international student, disclosure is a contractual reporting requirement to sponsors, exchange partners and/or agents
    3. disclosure is required for student exchange purposes
    4. disclosure is made for reasons associated with my enrolment at UTS, including, for the purpose of UTS Union and Students' Association elections, alumni affiliation, providing me with careers advice and services, continuing professional education, practicum or industry experience and University Admissions Centre requirements
    5. third party service providers engaged to provide services and support to, or for, UTS, such as website hosts, database hosts, data backup service providers and survey companies holding and/or processing my personal information on their IT systems on behalf of UTS
    6. in respect of an identified or potential serious threat or risk to myself, other persons or property (Risk Situation), UTS is required to investigate my activities and take appropriate action in relation to the Risk Situation, and/or
    7. disclosure is required for any legitimate UTS purpose as reasonably determined by UTS.
  11. I acknowledge that the personal information disclosed to Commonwealth and state government departments, statutory and regulatory bodies and their legitimate agents may be shared among various government agencies and bodies for the purpose of improving the provision of higher education, training and research.
  12. I acknowledge that nothing in this Student Declaration affects the rights I have under consumer laws.
  13. If I am under 18 years of age when I commence my study at UTS, I agree that:
    1. I will comply with any age restrictions relating to any compulsory course components of practicum or industry experience, and
    2. if required by law or regulation, I will obtain parent or guardian consent for any particular activity when asked to do so by UTS.

I have read and understood the conditions above and agree to them while I am a student enrolled at UTS.

Version control and change history

Effective date Version Approved by Amendment
22/02/2013 1 Registrar New version
11/08/2016 1.1 Council, COU/14-5/106 (15/10/2014) Consequential changes to align with changes to the Student Rules
Director, Governance Support Unit (GSU) (27/05/2016) Changes (approved under Delegation 3.17) to update references to the role of Registrar (part of the 2014 restructure)