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UTS style is to minimise capitalisation.

use initial capitals for full proper names and nouns only, and use the full name on first mention and the generic element on further mentions

Professor Jane Smith has joined the UTS Business School. The school is pleased to welcome her.

The Institute for Interactive Media and Learning teaches several courses. The institute also works with various faculties.

lower case in generic instances

The faculty is moving to a new building.

lower case in plural instances

The Queensland and Victorian governments are pledging more money.

The health and finance ministers are appearing tomorrow.

UTS usage

see also spelling for capitalisation of words

the following are always capitalised

Academic Board (but 'the board')
Autumn session
Building (when referring to a specific building, eg Building 10)
Council (also UTS Council)
Deputy Chancellor
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President
Provost and Senior Vice-President
Senior Executive
Senior Leaders Group
Spring session
Summer session
University of Technology Sydney (but 'university')
Vice-Chancellor and President


use initial capitals when referring to a specific government and using the full name

The Australian Government has announced spending cuts.

The Queensland Government has a large budget.

lower case in generic instances

Education is a state government responsibility.

People are starting to show an interest in local government initiatives.

lower case in plural instances

The Tasmanian and Victorian governments are pledging more money.


'Commonwealth' is always capitalised when used in the following contexts

the Commonwealth of Australia

the Commonwealth Government/Parliament

Defence is a Commonwealth issue.

use 'Australian Government/Parliament' rather than 'Commonwealth Government/Parliament'

federal government

is a broad descriptive title for the Australian Government and doesn't need capitals

Broadband in schools is a federal government initiative.

headings and subheadings

use an initial capital for the first word only (unless the heading includes proper names and nouns)


see also language

use initial capitals for nationalities, religions and languages

The number of Malaysian students at UTS has increased.

UTS has a Buddhist chaplain.

Many students speak Mandarin.

political positions

see also members of parliament

use initial capitals when the person's name and title appear together

Joe Biden, the Vice-President of the United States, has visited Australia.

Federal Minister for Housing Tanya Plibersek is in Melbourne.

lower case in generic instances and when the person's name is not used

The Chinese vice-president was here in March.

The defence minister is on an official visit.

the exceptions to this are when referring to the current incumbents in the following positions

the Prime Minister
the President
the Queen

lower case if referring to a former prime minister

Tertiary education was free when Gough Whitlam was prime minister.


lower case

state and territory

see also abbreviations

use initial capitals when referring to a specific state or territory

There is a mining boom in Western Australia.

The Northern Territory experiences hot and wet summers.

lower case in generic instances

Victoria has introduced new state laws.

A new initiative has started in Queensland. The state government will monitor its progress.

UTS plans

use the full name on first mention and the generic element on further mentions

The UTS Strategic Plan 2009–2018 is underpinned by four key objectives. The plan is regularly monitored.

The university introduced the UTS Framework for Doctoral Education last year. It is the first framework of its kind.

lower case in generic instances

UTS has introduced a new framework for research standards.

All faculties should submit a local action plan.

UTS positions

see also UTS titles for guidelines on specific positions

use initial capitals for senior executive positions and Associate Professor and above (when referring to a specific person)

Vice-Chancellor Professor Attila Brungs is on leave.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research), Professor McGrath, is responsible for UTS's research activities.

Associate Professor Smith has been awarded a research grant.

use lower case for other job titles and in more generic instances

Contact the course coordinator for further information.

Dr Peter Phillips, a senior lecturer at UTS, has resigned.