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Publications style guide

About the style guide

This style guide is designed to promote accuracy and consistency in UTS publications and communications.

It is an editorial reference for staff and includes topics such as when to capitalise, how to refer to courses and subjects, writing in plain English and common UTS acronyms and initialisms.

We consider the style guide a work in progress and will update it regularly. Contact us with your feedback, questions or suggestions.

Finding information

You can browse the style guide by using the A–Z index or browse by topic:

UTS brand and tone

UTS has a distinct visual identity that includes a strong brand (PDF 15.9MB), logo (PDF 770kB) and tone of voice (PDF 1MB).


The following references were used in developing the style guide.

  • GOV.AU Content Guide
  • Style manual for authors, editors and printers (2002)
  • Macquarie Dictionary (2017).