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Writing for the web


ampersands on the web need to be tagged as the entity &

em and en dashes

em and en dashes on the web need to be tagged as entities — and – respectively


always link email addresses

email <a href=""></a>

or embed the link in the text

Contact the <a href="">manager</a> of the bookshop.

don't include a full stop if the email address ends the sentence

You can email UTS at


use bold (<strong> tags) for emphasis rather than italics (<em> tags): use both sparingly

don't use italics in titles, words, phrases, etc. that are going to be linked

don't underline (or underscore) text, it will make it look like a link


it's good practice to show the size and format of files

UTS: Calendar 2015 (PDF 5.4MB)

Policies template (Word 600kB)


use square brackets around superscript numbers

There are several reasons why the legislation was introduced<sup>[1]</sup>, mainly because of the cost to universities.<sup>[2]</sup>


the two most common links are email addresses and websites

link text not the URL and choose text that clearly identifies the target of the link

Further information is available from <a href="">UTS Alumni</a>.

Students should contact the <a href="">careers service</a>.

don't use phrases such as 'click here', 'more', 'link', or 'online', 'page', 'webpage', 'website'

Further information is available from UTS Alumni.

online terms

lower case (unless at the beginning of a sentence) and no hyphens

email, homepage, internet, intranet, online, web, webpage, website

exceptions are 'WiFi' and 'URL'

note that 'internet' (a communications system created by networks of computers) and 'website' (a location connected to the internet) are not interchangeable

UTS websites

naming conventions for UTS websites vary so use the name on the homepage

website references

don't include the http:// unless the URL does not contain www.

don't include the trailing slash (ie the '/' at the end of a URL) or 'index.html' (however do include other '.html' text)