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Schedule 2 — Results and grades
Grade Mark Range Grade Point Average [1] Score Descriptor
High Distinction 85–100 4 Work of outstanding quality on all objectives of the subject, which may be demonstrated by means of criticism, logical argument, interpretation of materials or use of methodology. This grade may also be given to recognise particular originality or creativity.
Distinction 75–84 3.5 Work of superior quality on all objectives, demonstrating a sound grasp of content, together with efficient organisation and selectivity.
Credit 65–74 2.5 Work of good quality showing more than satisfactory achievement on all objectives, or work of superior quality on most of the objectives.
Pass 50–64 1.5 Work showing a satisfactory achievement on the overall objectives of the subject.
Pass — Not Graded n/a [2] Work showing a satisfactory achievement on the overall objectives of the subject.
Satisfactory n/a Awarded for projects or theses.
Fail (X) 0.5 Unsatisfactory performance in a compulsory component of the subject.
Fail 0–49 0.5 Unsatisfactory performance in one or more objectives of the subject as contained within the assessment items.
Other notations
Industrial experience Professional experience/industrial training. A number may appear next to this grade to indicate the level of industrial experience.
Withdrawn Granted withdrawal from a subject without academic fail after the due date.
Withdrawn Fail Withdrawn after the due date.
Administrative notations — results not finalised
E Grade not submitted.
Q Result pending the completion of a project, clinical practicum or field excursion where the student has not completed assessment task(s) by the end of the teaching period.
T 45–49 Formal supplementary examination to be completed within a designated examination period before a grade can be awarded.
W Result withheld. The Result Ratification Committee may determine that supplementary assessments are required, or that alternative examiners and/or alternative assessments are required because of misadventure.
  1. The Grade Point Average is an internationally recognised measure of a student's academic achievement in a course. The Grade Point Average is the average of all grades achieved by a student in a course of study weighted by the credit point value of each subject approved by Academic Board.
  2. Not applicable.