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Section 6 — Credit recognition

6.1 General

6.1.1 Subject to these Rules, credit recognition in UTS undergraduate or graduate coursework programs of study will be undertaken in accordance with the Credit Recognition Policy approved by Academic Board from time to time.

6.1.2 In recognising credit, faculties shall have due regard to the academic standards of the University and the principles of equity.

6.1.3 Determination of eligibility for credit recognition in a particular course does not imply or guarantee that a place is available in that course for the particular applicant.

6.2 Review of decision

6.2.1 An applicant may request a review of a decision made in relation to an application for credit recognition. Such a review will be determined in accordance with the following criteria:

(1) the decision was based on a serious misunderstanding by the University of the substance or content of the applicant's prior learning; or

(2) procedural irregularities of a type and to an extent that are likely to have had a significant negative impact on the decision; or

(3) a mistake was made in the assessment of subject equivalence and calculation of the credit points recognised.

6.2.2 Such requests must be made in writing, be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation and be lodged with the Responsible Academic Officer of the relevant faculty within 20 working days of the original notification of decision.

6.2.3 The relevant Responsible Academic Officer will review the application and decisions in consultation with the relevant Subject Coordinator as appropriate.

6.2.4 The Responsible Academic Officer will notify the student in writing with the outcome of the review.

6.3 Course requirements

6.3.1 Where credit towards a course has been approved in recognition of a student's previous learning, the requirements necessary for the student to complete the course and the maximum time permitted to complete the course shall be determined in each case by the relevant Responsible Academic Officer. Details of any such approval must be provided to the Director, Student Administration Unit (or nominee) who shall ensure that it is recorded and used as the basis for determining the student's academic progress and completion of course requirements.

6.3.2 Subject to legislative requirements, in exceptional circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis, the Responsible Academic Officer may approve an application from a student to have previously approved credit recognition rescinded.