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Academic Board

Role of Academic Board

Academic Board is the principal advisory body to the UTS Council on academic matters. The board promotes academic leadership within the university by overseeing the quality of teaching, learning, research, scholarship, policy development and other academic matters. It also discusses matters referred to it by Council.

Academic Board plays a key role in the UTS community by providing a forum for the discussion and debate of the university’s academic direction, and ensuring that the university’s academic direction aligns with the strategic direction of UTS.

Academic leadership

Academic Board promotes academic leadership within the university. In order to carry out its work, all board members are required to demonstrate academic leadership.

Academic leadership in this context is manifested through careful preparation for meetings, enabling thoughtful and considered engagement in discussion and debate. The leadership shown through this discussion and debate provides assurance to the Council that the board is contributing to the achievement of the strategic direction of the university.

Members of the board have accountability to the university’s academic community, with responsibility to communicate the board's work. As academic leaders, board members are asked to use their judgement to consider matters brought to the board and to reflect on how their individual contributions influence the collective decision-making of the board.

Terms of reference and standing orders

Academic Board is governed by rules, as approved by Council, relating to its composition, elections, powers and functions; and operates in accordance with its standing orders.

Composition and membership

The composition of Academic Board includes ex-officio and elected members and is constituted under rule g3, division 1 of the UTS General Rules. See composition and membership.


Academic Board meets at least six times a year. See dates and deadlines, agenda and papers, minutes and newsletters.


From time to time, Academic Board makes approved documents available to clarify significant academic matters with university-wide impact. See Academic Board documents.


Academic Board has its own standing committees and boards of studies that advise the board on a variety of matters pertaining to the academic programs of the university.

Academic Board induction

The following Academic Board induction documents are especially useful for new members, returning members who need to refresh their knowledge, or for staff generally interested in the operation of the board and its committees.

  • Academic Board guide (90kb PDF) provides brief information about Academic Board (and its committees), including role, functions and responsibilities of the board, its committees and its members.
  • Academic Board manual (846kb PDF) provides detailed information about board procedures and background.

Academic Board review

The Academic Board governance structure and composition review in 2016–2017 led to changes to terms of reference for Academic Board and its committees (except Courses Accreditation), which were approved in August 2017, taking effect in 1 January 2018.


Information about current university elections is published on the UTS Elections website.


Liezel Swart
Acting Executive Officer (Governance Support)
Tel: 02 9514 1464