University of Technology, Sydney


Voting is optional for all UTS elections but you're encouraged to vote so you can have your say. Voting is conducted online at UTS: Elections Online Polling Booth.

Elections that are open for voting will be listed here during ballot periods.

How to vote

  1. Go to the election you wish to vote in to see if you’re eligible and to read the candidate statements.
  2. Once you’ve decided who to vote for, log in to UTS: Elections Online Polling Booth.
    • Students: use your UTS student webmail account user ID (8-digit student number) and password.
    • Staff: use your UTS webmail/LDAP/neo login (username or 6-digit staff number) and password.
  3. Choose the election you wish to vote in.
  4. Select your candidates in order of preference.
  5. Click ‘submit’ to record your vote.

Occasionally, ballots may be conducted on campus or by post. Where this is the case, voting information will be available with the ballot papers.

Confidentiality and privacy

Your vote is confidential. Login details used for accessing UTS: Elections Online Polling Booth are separated from your vote.


UTS elections are determined by using the quota preferential method.

Results are published as soon as possible after an election's results have been declared, usually two weeks after voting ends.


Electoral Officer
telephone +61 2 9514 1235