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University of Technology Sydney Act 1989 (NSW)

Part 1 — Preliminary

1 Name of Act

2 Commencement

3 Definitions

Part 2 — Constitution and functions of the University

4 Establishment of University

5 Incorporation of University

6 Object and functions of University

7 Facilities for students, staff and others

Part 3 — The Council, authorities and officers of the University

Division 1 — The Council

8 Definitions

8A The Council

8B Size of Council

8C Qualifications and experience of members

8D Elected staff and student members

8E Graduate members

8F Council appointed members

8G Ministerially appointed members

8H Official members

9 Term of office

Division 2 — Other officers and bodies

10 Chancellor

11 Deputy Chancellor

11A Removal from office of Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor

12 Vice-Chancellor

13 Visitor

14 Convocation

15 Academic Board

Part 4 — Functions of Council

Division 1 — General

16 Functions of Council

16A Controlled entities

17 Delegation

17A Operation of certain Acts

17B Recommendations of Ombudsman or Auditor-General

Division 2 — Property

18 Powers of Council relating to property

19 Powers of Council over certain property vested in Crown

20 Acquisition of land

21 Grant or transfer of certain land to University

Division 3 — Commercial activities

21A Definitions

21B Guidelines for commercial activities

21C Register of commercial activities

21D Reports to Minister on commercial activities

21E Referral of matters to Ombudsman or Auditor-General

Part 4A — Duties of Council members

21F Duties of Council members

21G Removal from office for breach of duty

Part 5 — General

22 Advance by Treasurer

22A Stamp duty exemption

23 Financial year

24 No religious test or political discrimination

25 Exemption from membership of body corporate or Convocation

26 Re-appointment or re-election

27 Seal of University

28 By-laws

29 Rules

30 Recovery of charges, fees and other money

31 Repeal etc.

32 Savings and transitional provisions

Schedule 1 — Provisions relating to members and procedure of the Council

Schedule 2 — Investment

Schedule 2A — Duties of Council members

Schedule 3 — Savings and transitional provisions

Historical notes


An Act with respect to the constitution and functions of the University of Technology Sydney; to repeal the University of Technology, Sydney Act 1987 and the University of Technology, Sydney (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1987; and for other purposes.

This Act is reproduced in compliance with the NSW Government notice Copyright in legislation and other material (PDF).