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Schedule 2 — Investment

(Section 16)

1 Definition of 'funds'

2 (Repealed)

2A Funds managers

3 Investment common funds

4 Terms of trust to prevail

1 Definition of 'funds'

For the purposes of this Schedule, the funds of the University include funds under the control of the University and real property, securities or other property comprising an investment.

2 (Repealed)

2A Funds managers

(1) The Council may engage a funds manager to act in relation to the management of the funds belonging to or vested in the University.

(2) Such a funds manager may on behalf of the Council invest funds of the University in any investment in which the funds manager is authorised to invest its own funds or other funds.

3 Investment common funds

(1) The Council may establish one or more investment common funds.

(2) The Council may from time to time, without liability for breach of trust, bring into or withdraw from any such investment common fund the whole or any part of trust funds or other funds of the University.

(3) Subject to subclause (4), the Council must periodically distribute the income of each investment common fund among the funds participating in the common fund, having regard to the extent of the participation of each fund in the common fund during the relevant accounting period.

(4) The Council may, if it considers it expedient to do so, from time to time add some portion of the income of an investment common fund to the capital of the common fund or use some portion of the income to establish or augment a fund or funds as a provision against capital depreciation or reduction of income.

(5) If an investment is brought into an investment common fund:

(a) the University is to be taken to hold that investment on behalf of and for the benefit of the common fund instead of the participating trust fund or other fund, and

(b) that participating fund is to be taken to have contributed to the common fund an amount of money equivalent to the value attributed to the investment by the Council at the time it is brought into the common fund, and

(c) on the withdrawal of that participating fund from the common fund, the amount of money to be withdrawn is to be the amount equivalent to the value attributed by the Council to the equity in the common fund of that participating fund at the time of withdrawal.

(6) The inclusion of an investment common fund of trust funds does not affect any trust to which those trust funds (or money attributed to them) are subject.

(7) On the withdrawal of trust funds from an investment common fund, the funds (or money attributed to them) continue to be subject to the trust.

4 Terms of trust to prevail

In respect of the trust funds of the University:

(a) the investment powers of the Council, and

(b) the power of the Council to bring the trust funds into an investment common fund,

are subject to any express direction in or express condition of the trust.