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University of Technology Sydney By-law 2005 (NSW)

Note: This By-law is made under the University of Technology Sydney Act 1989, including section 28 (the general power to make by-laws).

Part 1 — Preliminary

1 Name of By-law

2 Application

3 Definitions

Part 2 — The Council

Division — 1 The Chancellor

4 Term of office of Chancellor

Division 2 — Elected members of Council

Subdivision 1 — Preliminary

5 Returning Officer

6 Rolls

Subdivision 2 — Provisions relating to candidates and voters

7 Qualification for elected (academic staff) member

8 Qualification for election as elected (professional staff) member

9 Qualification for election as elected (undergraduate student) member

10 Qualification for election as elected (postgraduate student) member

Subdivision 3 — Ballot

11 Conduct of ballot

12 Method of voting

13 Secrecy of ballot to be maintained

Subdivisions 4-6

14-27I (Repealed)

Subdivision 7 Miscellaneous

28 Term of office of elected members of Council

29 Casual vacancy in office of elected member of Council

30 Election in anticipation of resignation

31-33 (Repealed)

34 Nominations procedure relating to appointments under sections 8F and 8G

35 (Repealed)

36 Casual vacancy in the office of an appointed member of Council

Part 3 — Membership of Convocation

37 Graduates of University

38 Prescribed staff members of Convocation

39 Prescribed additional members of Convocation

40 Exemption from membership

Part 4 — Rules

41-43 (Repealed)

44 Rules made by Council

45 (Repealed)

46 Promulgation of rules

Part 5 — Miscellaneous

46A Meetings and committees of Academic Board

47 (Repealed)

47A Delegation by Council

48 Repeal

Historical notes

Table of amending instruments

Table of amendments

This By-law is reproduced in compliance with the NSW Government notice Copyright in legislation and other material (PDF).