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Part 5 — Miscellaneous

46A Meetings and committees of Academic Board

47A Delegation by Council

48 Repeal

46A Meetings and committees of Academic Board

The Academic Board may determine:

(a) the manner and time of convening, holding and adjourning its meetings, and

(b) the conduct of business and the manner of voting at its meetings, and

(c) the establishment of committees of the Board and the quorum, powers and duties of such committees.

47 (Repealed)

47A Delegation by Council

For the purposes of section 17 of the Act, the following persons are prescribed as persons to whom the Council may delegate its functions:

(a) any member of staff of the University,

(b) any person engaged as a contractor by the University.

48 Repeal

(1) The University of Technology, Sydney, By-law 1995 is repealed.

(2) Any act, matter or thing that, immediately before the repeal of the University of Technology, Sydney, By-law 1995, had effect under that By-law is taken to have effect under this By-law (but only to the extent that it relates to an act, matter or thing affected by this By-law and is not inconsistent with this By-law and the acts, matters or things done under this By-law).

(3) In particular, any rule made pursuant to a provision of the repealed By-laws is taken to have been made pursuant to the corresponding provision of this By-law.

(4) (Repealed)