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UTS portfolio realignment

Under the Fit for 2027 Portfolio realignment project, UTS has disestablished the DVC Resources and DVC Corporate Services positions. The portfolios of these divisions will largely move to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) portfolio. This merger will have additional impacts across all divisions and a number of governance documents. University rules, delegations, committees, policies and procedures will be updated to reflect the new organisational structure during a transition phase. The UTS Delegations have been approved to reflect changes and will be published as soon as possible. Please contact one of our UTS Corporate Governance team members if you have any queries regarding responsibilities or implementation.

Note: Changes to UTS General Rules are documented in the table of changes and published on the University’s Official Noticeboard.

G1 — Rules relating to Council, the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

1. Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor to preside at ceremonial occasions

2. Powers of Chancellor in relation to University committees

3. Presiding member

4. Ordinary meetings of Council

5. Special meetings of Council

6. Notice of meeting of Council

7. Business at meetings

8. Meeting may be adjourned

9. Failure to give, or receive, notice of meeting

10. Out of pocket expenses

11. Vice-Chancellor

12. Role of Vice-Chancellor in relation to Council committees and boards

13. Acting Vice-Chancellor

14. Powers and authorities of Acting Vice-Chancellor

15. Size of Council

16. Elected staff and students

17. Number of graduate members

18. Authority for determining the method of election

19. Delegations

20. Register of Delegations

G2 — Rules on election of Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor

Division 1 — Election of Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor

1. Call for nominations

2. Schedule of dates for elections for Chancellor or Deputy Chancellor

3. Making of nominations

4. Dealing with nominations

5. Conduct of the ballot

6. Election in anticipation of resignation

Division 2

1. Pro-Chancellors’ appointment and role

G3 — Rules relating to Academic Board, Faculty Boards and Elections

Part 1 — Academic Board

Division 1 — Constitution of Academic Board

Division 2 — Chair and Deputy Chair

Division 3 — Functions and powers of Academic Board

Division 4 — Relationship between Academic Board and Council

Division 5 — Academic Board committees

Part 2 — Faculty Boards

Part 3 — Elections

G4 — The seal, the University emblem and the stamp

Division 1 — The seal

1. Custody of seal

2. Use of seal

3. Fixing of seal

4. Register of use of seal

Division 2 — The University emblem

5. Use of emblem

6. Delegation of authority to approve use of emblem

Division 3 — The stamp

7. Use of stamp

8. Delegation of authority to approve use of stamp

G5 — Register of Delegations (Repealed)

G6 — Witnessing and witnessed statements

Schedule G1 — Delegations Principles

Schedule G2 — Strategic Delegations