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Committee of Chairs of Academic Boards / Senates in NSW and ACT

The most important function of the Committee of Chairs of Academic Boards/Senates in NSW and ACT is to share information and coordinate advice on academic matters of particular interest to Universities in NSW and the ACT. The NSWVCC has delegated responsibility to the Committee for categorisation of HSC subjects and scaling of the HSC. The Technical Committee on Scaling provides reports to the Committee of Chairs.

Archive of meetings managed by UTS, April 2005 to June 2008

Agenda, 5 June 2008 meeting

Agenda, 10 April 2008 meeting (the agenda for this meeting is available from the Secretary)

Agenda, 30 August 2007 meeting

Agenda, 14 June 2007 meeting

Agenda, 19 April 2007 meeting

Agenda, 18 August 2006 meeting

Agenda, 15 June 2006 meeting

Agenda, 30 March 2006 meeting

Program, 13 October 2005 meeting (80kb PDF)

Agenda, 11 August 2005 meeting

Agenda, 9 June 2005 meeting

Agenda, 7 April 2005 meeting